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Magical, mythical creatures are rarely captured on film. But here at PicMonkey, being the magical and mythical company that we are, you’ll find unicorn pictures for your designs.

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Unicorn pictures are magic

What’s the difference between a pegasus, a unicorn, and an alicorn? A pegasus has wings prefers cotton candy, a unicorn has a horn and loves sprinkle donuts, while an alicorn has both wings and a horn and enjoys escargot, mostly. A little known fact is that unicorns don’t actually fart glitter, however they DO cry champagne tears. Armed with all these unicorn facts, along with your newfound unicorn pictures, it’s about time to design your masterpiece. Use PicMonkey’s photo editing and design platform to create digital marketing materials, website banners, display ads, YouTube thumbnails, Instagram posts and more. Unicorns are great on their own, of course, but you might want to check out our textures where you can add glitter or stars to your design, and don’t miss our giant collection of customizable vector graphics to round out your creation with some stylish clip art like a cupcake, heart, kitten, rainbow, or even another unicorn.

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