PicMonkey’s Referral Program

Give something and get something with our referral program. When you send a referral code to your buddies, they’ll get a deep discount on a PicMonkey subscription, and you’ll get some cash in your pocket.

  1. In Account Settings, select Manage my account

  2. Click Referrals

  3. Copy and share your unique referral link.

  4. Tell your people to use this link to get a discounted annual subscription ($12 off Basic, $20 off Pro).

  5. Receive a $20 gift card for each pal who becomes an annual subscriber.

  6. Go shopping!

Choose your rewards

Your friends get an instant discount when they use your referral code to subscribe, and after they complete the first 30 days of an annual subscription, you’ll receive a $20 e-gift card.

You can choose to spend your reward at over 30 popular retailers—from clothes, to coffee, to electronics.

PicMonkey’s referral program FAQ

Got questions? Take a look at our FAQ. It’s got everything you need to know about the benefits and discounts in the PicMonkey referral program.