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Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

What is Hub?

Hub is specialized storage for your photos and PicMonkey projects. Images added to Hub can be re-edited after saving and accessed on both and the PicMonkey mobile app. Hub is available with PicMonkey's Basic, Pro and Teams subscriptions. 

How Hub works

When you’re finished working on a project in the PicMonkey Editor or collage maker, click Add to Hub in the top toolbar, name your project, then click Add

The next time you want to open your project, hover over Edit, Touch Up, or Collage on the homepage and choose My Hub from the file location options. Your project will appear in either the Images or Collages tabs in your Hub gallery. 

If you’d like to add images from your computer to your Hub without opening them in the Editor, open Hub, select the images on your computer, then drag and drop them into Hub. They will appear in the Images tab. 

Hub and the PicMonkey mobile app

You can also access anything you have stored in Hub on the PicMonkey mobile app, and save images on your mobile device to Hub. When the PicMonkey app opens, tap Hub at the bottom-right of your screen. All of the items you have stored in Hub will appear. Tap to open them in the PicMonkey app. 

To add images that you’ve edited with the PicMonkey mobile app to Hub, tap Save and then Save to Hub. You will then be able to access them on as well as with the PicMonkey app. You can also bulk upload images from your Camera Roll/Photos directly to Hub without editing them.  

Editing after saving

You can re-edit graphics and text on any image you saved to Hub from Effects, frames, and textures get flattened, which means that the elements are combined and you can no longer work on them individually.When you save to Hub from the mobile app, everything gets flattened.

Sharing images in Hub

The images that you add to Hub are not visible by anyone else. To share something in your Hub, you can either download it and then share, or use the sharing functions in PicMonkey to share through email or social media.

Managing Hub

PicMonkey Basic subscribers can save up to 50 images in Hub. Pro subscribers have unlimited Hub storage and can organize their images into Folders

To download, delete, or copy an image, open Hub and click Manage Hub near the top of the gallery. Select the image(s) you want, then click the appropriate button at the bottom of the gallery. 

Image size limits 

Hub can hold any photo that you're able to open in the PicMonkey Editor. If your image is a bit too big, it will automatically get pared down so that you can edit it and add it to Hub.When you upload an image from your mobile device to Hub, it gets stored at its full resolution. If you edit your photo on the PicMonkey mobile app, it will be saved at the resolution that's best for the capabilities of your device.

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