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Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

Getting images in and out of Hub

Hub is PicMonkey’s smart storage solution that lets you edit your images after saving. You must have a paid basic account to use Hub. Make sure that you are logged into your account before you attempt to add images to or access images already in Hub. If you’re having trouble signing in, see this help article

 Once you’re signed in, you can add images to Hub and access the images that you have stored there. 

Adding images to Hub

If you’re working on an image or collage in the PicMonkey Editor or collage maker and you want to add it to Hub, click the Add to Hub button in the top toolbar.

You’ll be prompted to name your image. Type your title on the line, then click Add. A message confirming that your image has been added to Hub will appear near the Add to Hub button. 

Bulk uploading images to Hub

You can add multiple images from your computer to Hub two ways. Start by hovering over Edit, Touch Up, or Collage on the PicMonkey homepage. Click My Hub from the options that appear. Now you can either: 

Click Upload at the top of the gallery. 

Now select the images on your computer that you want to add to Hub. Hold the Command (if you’re using a Mac) or CTRL (if you’re using a PC) key to select multiple images. 

Or you can drag and drop your files from your computer directly into your Hub. 

Either way, your files will appear in the Images tab in Hub. 

Opening images stored in Hub

To edit an image that you have saved to Hub, head to and hover over Edit, Touch Up, or Collage at the top of the homepage. When the dark grey storage options bar appears, click My Hub. 

Select the image or collage from your gallery, then click either the Edit button (if you’re opening your image in the Editor) or the Collage button (if you’re opening your image in Collage) at the bottom of your gallery.If you're already working in the Editor, Touch Up, or Collage, click Open on the top toolbar and select My Hub from the drop-down list. Select the image from your gallery, then click the Edit or Collage button at the bottom of  your gallery.If the image you opened from Hub was previously edited on, its text and graphics will be fully editable. Effects, textures, and frames get flattened when you save, so they won’t be editable when you open an image that you’ve saved to Hub.

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