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Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

Internet Explorer: Menu bar at top of homepage is not loading

Sometimes, you might run into an issue where you have logged into PicMonkey, but are unable to launch the editor. Symptoms of this include:

  • Clicking "Edit a Photo," but nothing happens other than the URL in your address bar changing,

  • Attempting to drag and drop an image onto the home page, but the editor does not launch,

  • Attempting to head directly to the PicMonkey editor, but the editor doesn't launch, or,

  • You are unable to see the Edit / Touch-Up / Design / Collage / Log In options at the top of the home page.

This error is caused by aa cookie gone awry, but luckily, there is an easy fix! All you'll need to do is clear your PicMonkey cookies. To do so:

  1. Go to on Internet Explorer

  2. Go to Settings (the engine icon on the top bar).

  3. Click F12 Developer tools.

  4. Click the Network tab.

  5. Click the clear cookies icon image.

  6. Close the Developer panel.

  7. Go again to and log in.

This should fix the issue and allow you to log into your PicMonkey account as normal.

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