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Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

How to change text and graphics in a template

Most PicMonkey templates come preloaded with text and graphic elements. However, everything on a template is customizable, so it’s possible to make it completely your own.

Editing text in a template

To edit text in a template, click the section of text you want to edit. This will pull up the Text palette.

From the palette you can adjust:

  • Color

  • Fade

  • Size

  • Blend mode

  • Justification

  • Horizontal and vertical flip

You can also erase a block of text from the palette. Premium users can add text effects like Drop Shadow.

You can switch fonts by highlighting text and selecting a new font from the Text tab on the left. If you want to add a font that you have stored on your computer, click the Yours tab.

If you’re having trouble grabbing a certain text box, use the Layers palette to select the text you want.

Editing graphics in a template

Adding new text and graphics to a template

Once your template is open in the PicMonkey Editor, you can add as many new text and graphic elements that you want. To add text, just click Add text at the top of the Text tab. To add a graphic, just click the graphic you want and it’ll automatically be added.

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