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Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

How to use color picker

PicMonkey gives you a great deal of control over colors you use in your images. You can change the colors of your text or graphics in several different ways. See which one fits best with the way you work. 

Clicking a graphic or text will bring up a palette that includes the Color Picker. 

Changing the color of text

If you’re working with text, make sure the text is selected. If you know the Hex code of the color you want, you can type it in the upper right of the palette.

You can also drag the circle in the color spectrum to choose a color. The color in the spectrum is automatically applied to the text.

The vertical bar next to the color spectrum displays the color that is selected. Clicking this bar activates the Eyedropper tool. When the Eyedropper is activated, you can hover over any color in your image and click it to apply the color to your text.

Changing the color of graphics 

Changing graphic colors generally uses the same process as changing text colors. You can use the Hex code, spectrum, and Eyedropper to get the same results. If you are working with a graphic that has more than two colors, you will be changing the overall tint of the graphic, not the individual colors in the graphic.

If you want to change colors of a two-color graphic from PicMonkey, clicking the graphic brings up the Graphic palette with both colors shown. Clicking a color brings up the color grid. 

The color grid

There are three color-changing methods on the color grid. 

If you know the Hex code of the color you want, you can type it in the Hex code field.

You can also click one of the colors in the grid. This color will replace the selected color in your graphic.

You can use the Eyedropper tool to select a color from anywhere in your image. Click the Eyedropper, then hover over any element of your image. You can see the color on your graphic change as you move over different parts of your image. When you see the color you want, click it, and the color will be applied to your graphic.

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