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Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

How to resize a collage

You can change the dimensions of the photos in your collage and the collage as a whole.

Changing the overall dimensions of your collage

There are two ways to change the dimensions of your collage.

1. Drag an outer edge. Hover your mouse over any of the outer edges of your collage and you’ll see a thin blue bar. Drag the bar left or right, up or down, and it will resize the entire collage along that axis.

2. Type in the dimensions. Type the exact pixel dimensions you’d like to resize to (e.g. 800 x 600), in the boxes in the bottom toolbar. Click the padlock icon to lock and unlock the proportions. Sizes up to 3400 x 3400 pixels are accepted. If you know the dimensions in inches but not pixels, see our conversion chart.

Changing the dimensions of images in your collage

To make the images in your collage different sizes, hover over the inner border of an image or empty cell until you see a blue bar. Drag the bar to adjust the size of the image or cell.

You can also add new cells to your collage. Drag an image over a collage border until you see a blue bar, then drop it. The length and location of the bar indicates where your image will be placed and how your collage layout will change. Your overall collage dimensions will not change, but the photos in your collage will change size to accommodate the new photo. 

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