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Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

Get to know Collage

Most of the controls in PicMonkey’s collage maker are found in the top toolbar, the panel, and the bottom toolbar. Here’s a brief introduction to what you’ll find in each location. 

The top toolbar

The top toolbar is about saving and sharing your collage, starting a new collage, and sending your collage to the Editor for further customization. It also allows you to manage some of your account settings. Note that saving, sharing, and exporting are premium features.

On the left, you’ll find the Open new button, which lets you start a new collage from scratch. Click it, and choose the photos you want to collage with. You can open photos from several storage options. The Save button allows you to save your work in PicMonkey's integrated Hub storage. The Share button lets you distribute your collage to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, or via Email. Clicking Export makes it easy to save your collage to your computer, OneDrive, or Dropbox.

You’ll also find the Send to Editor button on the left-hand side of the top toolbar. When you’re finished with your collage, click this button to open it as a single image in the Editor. From there, you can add photo effects, overlays, text, and more.  

If you’re logged in to PicMonkey, you’ll see a little caret next to your user name on the right side of the top toolbar. Clicking the caret presents the following menu options: My account, Manage Hub, Log out, and Help.

If you’re not logged in, you will see a Free Trial button that will allow you to sign up for a one-week free trial of our Premium features and you will also have the option to Log in.

The image settings button (the gear icon In the far right corner) lets you optimize your image resolution for the job at hand. This is useful if you have loaded an exceptionally large image and it’s causing your editing to slow down. Clicking the “X” in the top toolbar closes Collage and returns you to the PicMonkey homepage.

The panel

The panel in Collage features a number of tabs, which you can use to access the photos you’ve opened and alter the design of your collage. 

  • Images. Access the photos you’ve opened, and open more photos with the Add images button. 

  • Layouts. Access different designs/cell arrangements for your collage. Layouts are all customizable and responsive, and you can even make your own from a single-celled collage. 

  • Swatches. Find beautiful graphic patterns to include in your collage design. Choose from ours or bring in your own. 

  • Background. Change the spacing between your images, round the corners of your images, and change the colors of the individual cells or your collage background. You can also make your background transparent. 

The bottom toolbar

The bottom toolbar is where you can rotate, size, and get a better look at your collage. 

  • Rotate clockwise arrow. Change the orientation of your collage by clicking this button. It will rotate ¼ turn clockwise with each click.  

  • Dimension boxes and lock icon. If you have specific dimensions for your collage, put them in the boxes by the lock icon (in pixels). Click the lock icon to unlock or lock your dimensions. 

  • Zoom slider. Zoom in or out on your collage with this slider. The percentage display next to the slider lets you know how close-up you are. 

  • Fit to window. Click this to get your image view back to its original size.

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