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Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

Using New PicMonkey? Find help here.

How to Use the Layers Palette

The Layers palette allows you to change the look and positioning of the various elements of your design, including text, graphics, and images. You can use the Layers palette with our templates or any of your original designs.

Opening the Layers palette

  • If you begin with a template, the Layers palette will open automatically. 

  • If you are starting with your own design, the Layers palette will open once you add an overlay, text box, or other new design elements. 

  • You can also access the Layers palette anytime by clicking on the two stacked squares icon in the bottom toolbar.

Editing and reordering objects 

The Layers palette provides a list of all the objects in your design, including text boxes, graphics, images, and it shows you the background. To edit an object, click it and the appropriate palette will appear. 

The Layers palette allows you to change which objects in your design appear on top and which appear behind other elements.

To use the Layers palette: 

  • Start by clicking an object in the palette. 

  • To bring the object to the top of the design, click the up arrow with a dash on top of it. 

  • To send the object to the bottom, click the the down arrow with a dash beneath it. 

  • The plain up and down arrows will send the object forward or backward one layer at a time. 

  • To delete the object, click the trash can icon. 

  • You can also make these changes by right clicking and choosing a command from the menu. 

Changing backgrounds

Backgrounds that have been created with a canvas cannot be edited in the Layers palette. To change the color of the background, go to Basic Edits, click Canvas Color, and choose a color. To add an effect to the background, go to Effects and choose an effect to apply. The effect will only appear on the background portion of the design. 

Flattening layers

Flattening layers will produce a single image whose elements can no longer be edited separately. This is necessary if you want to apply textures or effects to all or part of your image. To flatten, click the stacked squares with the down arrow icon in the Layers palette.

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