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What are shared folders?

What are shared folders?

Shared Hub Folders are a section of your cloud storage where you can collaborate on photo editing and graphic design projects with other people by inviting them to join via link or email -- very similar to Google Docs. Shared folders contain sub-folders where you can keep images, brand assets, or other design-related files.

Can I share a single image with someone without inviting them to a whole folder?

You can always share a flattened version of your image by clicking the Download button at the top of the editor. However, if you want to share the working version of your file, you need to share it within a shared folder. 

What’s the difference between "Shared Hub Folders" and "Your Hub folders"?

  • Shared - Includes folders that are shared with other people.

  • Your folders - For images that are private to you only. If you decide to share a private folder, it will move into the Shared Hub Folders section.

How many shared folders can I have?

You can create as many folders as you want. The shared folders that other people invite you to will also show up in your shared folders area, too.

Do I need a subscription in order to use shared folders?

No, anyone who has created a PicMonkey account can create a shared folder and share it with others. You do not need to pay for a PicMonkey subscription in order to use shared folders.

How do I invite other people to a shared folder?

Click Invite others on the Manage people page to invite other people to collaborate. You’ll need to have their email address and we’ll let them know that they have access to your shared folder.

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