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Using Old PicMonkey? Find help here.

Using Old PicMonkey? Find help here.

Permissions & Access

Each shared space has its own set of access permissions, which can be granted and revoked by an admin. The person that creates a space is automatically the owner of that space, and they can add other admins to the space if they want.

Permissions summary

The following permissions can be assigned for each space:

OwnerCreated the space and assigned roles to all users. They have full control of all content.
AdminHas access to all the space management tools, including permissions, revoking access, and the ability to delete the whole space.
ContributorHas the ability to update content in a shared space. They can edit, add, and delete content.
CopierHas the ability to copy images to another shared space to edit them. They do not have permission to edit images in the original shared space.
ViewerHas permission to view all content in a shared space. They can browse folders and view images, but they can't make comments or edits.

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