Photo overlays

PicMonkey offers a plethora of overlays and stickers for you to play with. Geometric shapes, symbols, popular scrapbooky labels, lips and hats, banners and fireworks to name a few. You can even upload your own.

You will have fun goofing on photos, creating labels, buttons for your blogs and social media posts. Take a look at this Video Tutorial: Learn How to Use Overlays to see the mind-mind blowing options. And we have another Tutorial: Using Two-Color Overlays that shows you how to layer overlays, change the color and transparency, and use them for a background for text.

PicMonkey has a vast collection of impressive overlays and stickers. You can even upload your own! Add an overlay now.

General: Geometric, Hearts, Doodly Hearts, Doily Hearts, Stars, Spirographs, Symbols, Arrows, Comic Bubbles, Nautical, 

Scrapbooky: Labels, Paper Scrap, Pushpins, Buttons

People Toppers: Lips, Sunglasses, Facial Hair, Hats

Whimsy: Happ-icons, Ordinary Beasts, Critters, Cutimals, Buggles, Chick 'n Eggs

Seasonal: Beach, Butterflies

Elements: Sparkle Stars, Fireworks, Smoke and Fire

Scrapbooky: Postal, Paper Scrap, Banners, Engraved Banners, Labels, Victorian Labels, Grunge Labels, Ribbons, Buttons, Pushpins, Corners, Garnishes, Flourishes

Nature: Leaves, Trees, Boughs, Sprigs and Twigs, Birds, Butterflies, Roses, Daisies, Bursting Blossoms, Leafy Stems, Graphic Blooms, Floral, Vintage Blossoms, Marigolds and Roses

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