Eraser tool lets you combine photos

Easily erase parts of your photos with PicMonkey's eraser tool.

The overlay eraser tool lets you erase parts of an image so it blends with another image exactly the way you want it to. This tool is useful when combining two photos or when combining a photo and an overlay.

​Using the eraser to blend an overlay with a photo: 

Start by clicking Edit on the home page, and opening a photo.

  1. Click the Overlays tab on the far left side of the panel (the butterfly icon). 
  2. Click the overlay you want, and it appears over your photo.
  3. Make adjustments while you’re in the Basic section of the Overlay palette: color, fade, etc. 
  4. Click the overlay to reposition or resize it over the photo.
  5. Click the Eraser button to fine-tune your overlay. Use the eraser to make the bits you don’t like disappear, and use the paintbrush to bring back what you've erased.  
    • The zoom slider is in the bottom toolbar underneath your photo.
    • If the edges have a lot of detail, make the brush size smaller. To erase larger areas, use a bigger brush size.
    • Use the Clone effect if your overlay isn't quite the same size as the part you erased and you need to fill in the gaps using a different part of the photo.
Using the eraser to blend two photos:  Follow the same steps above, but instead of choosing an overlay, click the Your own button atop the panel, and open your second photo. It's still your photo, but it will behave the same way as an overlay.

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