Framed edges of my photo are gone

When you add a frame to a photo, it can change the aspect ratio of the photo. So when you print it, the edges of the image get cut off.

We’ve got a solution for each frame design.

Film Edge, Daguerreotype, Sketchedy, Polaroid, and Craft Scissors:
  1. Before you crop the image, add a large Simple Edge frame (white is good, so you don’t use up extra printer ink).
  2. Crop the image, and add the frame you want.
This will ultimately end up as a letterboxed image, with blank space along the longest side, but it’s the best solution if you want to preserve the most of your image with these frames.

Museum Matte and Simple Edge:
The solution for printing with these frames will seem kinda nutty if you don’t have an intuitive grasp of what we creative people sometimes call “numberz,” but holy pajoley, it works!

Let’s say you want a frame that’s 100 pixels thick, around a 4 x 6 inch photo:
  1. Before you crop the photo, add your frame. Set the “Thickness” slider to 100 (both the inner and outer borders should total 100).
  2. In the Crop tool, select 4 x 6 from the drop-down menu. Adjust the crop markers so that they include as much of the border as you can, and center it however you like. You will notice that the border is snipped off on one side; that’s okay for now. Click “Apply.”
  3. Using the Crop tool again, with no size specified in the drop down menu, stretch the crop markers to the outer edges of the entire image. Before you click “Apply,” subtract two times the width of the border (which comes to 200, in this case) from each dimension shown in the “Actual size” boxes. Center the image. You will notice that no border is showing at all. Click “Apply.”
  4. Go back to the Frames menu, and add your frame again, set to a thickness of 100. The photo can print without cutting off any edges, and you can collect your Patience is a Virtue Award and prize money.