How to use Clone

Clone is a great tool for covering or replacing unwanted parts of a photo with other parts of the photo: 

1. When you're in Clone, you first click on part of the photo you'd like to duplicate; this is called your Source. This is what you're going to use to replace the unwanted part.
2. Then paint over the unwanted part of the image, keeping an eye on your sourcing. Be sure to adjust the brush size as needed.
3. If you get part of it painted over and it looks the way you'd like, but your Source starts encroaching on part of the photo you don't want to copy, go back and click the Source button in the Clone toolbar to select a new sourcing area. 
4. Use the eraser to clean up for those finishing touches and don't forget that you can also zoom in for more detailed work.

Find an in-depth Clone tutorial at our blog.