How do I print my PicMonkey creations?

Making printables is one of PicMonkey's favorite projects. Here are some tips for making your printing experience seamless on PicMonkey. Depending on what you're trying to achieve, check out the following steps:

Printables -- fitting multiple images to one sheet of paper
1. Create an image for print in PicMonkey’s Editor
2. Save to your computer
3. Open the image in the Collage Maker
4. Resize the Collage to the recommended pixel dimensions based on the size of paper you’re using. If printing on 8.5 x 11 paper we recommend 1700 x 2200 pixels.
5. Add your images to the collage
6. Save your collage
7. Open in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, adjust margins to 0 and alignment to Center so your images all fit on the page
8. Print

Printables -- one image smaller than paper
1. Create image for print in PicMonkey’s Editor
2. Save to computer
3. Open image in Word or Google Docs
4. Adjust the size and alignment to your preference
5. Print

Sending photos to a Printer
It's recommended that your original file have at least the minimum recommended dimensions of your printed photo before you begin. Please see this article for more information about printing size.

1. If needed, crop image to the appropriate dimensions
2. Make edits in PicMonkey
3. Upload to your preferred printing site
4. Be sure you select the same inch dimensions on the printing size as you selected when cropping your photo