If you are being asked to upgrade please make sure you are signed in.

On the homepage you will find a "Sign In" link in the upper right corner. If you have already loaded an image or are in the Collage Maker you will see a Sign In link in the upper left. Just click that and enter the email address and password you registered with. Or, you can Sign In here if you are having trouble locating the link.

If you see your name in those locations instead of the word Sign In then you are signed in. If you are being prompted to upgrade, it is possible that your membership has expired or was canceled.

Please click the Account link next to your name to check the status of your membership. If your account appears to be upgraded and you are still seeing ads or being prompted to upgrade, please Sign Out, clear you browser cache, restart your browser, and Sign In again.

Note to PayPal customers
It's possible that the transaction did not go through. This is pretty common especially with some of our friends overseas. Please check your PayPal account to verify that you were charged.