Photo editing tips and keyboard tricks

Here at PicMonkey, helping you edit photos is our life's purpose. Included below are some editing tips & tricks that show you more than meets the eye. 

1. Changing the dimensions of an overlay or text. If you want to, say, stretch a speech bubble to make it longer, hold down the Shift key while dragging the corner handle of the overlay. This will let you both resize it and change its shape.

2. Straightening an overlay or text. If you've added an overlay or text object and rotated it, you can straighten it by right-clicking on the object and choosing "straighten".

3. Duplicating an overlay or text. Right-click and choose "duplicate". This is useful if you've already customized your object (size, color, etc.) and want to make a copy of it.

4. Working with multiple overlays or text objects. You can control the stack order of overlays or text objects by right-clicking on an object and choosing "send to back" or "send to front" or "move to back" or "move to front".  This will move that object in the stack.