Create text

  • Open your image in Basic Edits
  • Click the Text Tool
  • Click the "Add Text" button on the top of the panel ,and a text box will appear over your photo.
  • Click in the text box and type your message.

Modify text

  • Select the text you want to modify by clicking and dragging over one or several words.
  • Choose a font from the menu in the panel. This change affects only the words selected in the text box.
  • To change the color, use the color picker in the palette. If you know the exact color you want, you can type the code where you see the current code (000000 in this example) and press Enter to lock it in. You can also choose color from your photo itself: click on the current color rectangle (the black in this example) to change your cursor to an eyedropper, and then click on your photo to choose the color.
  • Move the "Fade" slider to adjust the opacity of the entire block of text.
  • Type the font size you want into the box next to the "Size" slider, in the text palette, or choose a font size from the drop down menu. The "Size" slider is good for changing the overall dimensions of your text in relation to the image it appears over. 

Make size adjustments, and position  

  • Change the height and width of your text by clicking outside the text box. Click and drag one of the corner circles, or the top or bottom edge of the text box. The font size grows and shrinks proportionally as you change the size of the text block.
  • You can also alter the width of the text--and change where the lines break--without changing the font size. Click outside the text box. Hover over the left or right edge of the box, then click and drag the vertical lines. The font size remains the same as you change the size of the text block.
  • Position your text by hovering inside the text box and then clicking and dragging the entire block. Do not release the mouse button until you've gotten it where you want it.

Tip: If you want text lines to align differently (left, right, center), create a different text block for each.

We made an awesome Video Tutorial: Flex Your Text! that walks you through all the features described above.

Want some guidance on how to select and pair fonts? We have an info-packed tutorial for you, Trip the Font Fantastic: Picking and Pairing Fonts.