The Vampire Photo Editor Lives On

You’re probably thinking:

I needs me some vampire photo effects again. I’m so vamped up I need an exclusively vampire photo editor, like, for vampires only. PicMonkey people, did you take my vampire stuff away when you brought out the pies on the home page?

No, we tell you, no we did not. You can always get to past themes by accessing the Themes tab on the far left of the editor panel; it’s the second-to-the-bottom one. The tab icon will match the latest theme (a pumpkin or snowflake, for example), but when you click on it the panel will show you all the themes PicMonkey has presented, to date. Huzzah! Our vampire photo editor remains fabulous and immortal, allowing you to have yourself a vampire weekend any time of year.

No humans allowed.

The model in some of our vampire inspiration images, the guy with the razor stubble and blood-red eyes, became known around the office as “The Guy” when Jen and Jaree were designing Halloween. So if you’re not all about Robert Pattinson or the Twilight saga movies, you can be all about The Guy. Maybe they’ll meet one day and duke it out.

The possibilities are endless when you get a PicMonkey membership.

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