How to Zombify Yourself for Halloween

If you don’t mind cruddy skin and a slack jaw, making your photo into a Zombie might be right up your alley. Your dark, moonlit alley. With you in torn jeans and a ripped shirt. Here’s a short tutorial to zombify yourself quickly; the night awaits!


The Zombulate effect works best on a fairly close-up subject, and looks great over razor stubbly or uneven skin. After you’ve applied the molten disgust-o to your skin, play with the color and amount of decay. Adjust the brightness of the color with the Fade slider.

Zombie Bruise

A bruised, battered look is best created in layers, with Zombie Bruise. With a big brush, add a tawny yellow shadow. Adjust the fade so it’s semi-transparent. Click Apply and then paint on the effect again with a smaller brush to add another color. Keep adding color layers the way a makeup artist would, and use the fader each time to blend them subtly.


Blood Splatters

Blood Splatters are great for clothing as well as walls and surrounding vertical surfaces. Again, remember to erase where it doesn’t make sense to see the graphic. This guy’s got a splash over his mouth because he just chowed down on some brains and forgot to put a napkin in his lap like his momma always told him.

Gashes and Slashes

Click Gashes and Slashes and place a wound on your subject. Rotate if necessary. Large wounds look great over eyes or mouths; just be sure to erase a little partition for the non-flesh parts like eyeballs and teeth.

Corpse Eyes

Zoom in on the eyes in your photo. After placing Corpse Eye, use the resize handles to match the photo’s iris size. Right-click and Duplicate to make a matching second eye for your brain-hungry stare. Your Corpse Eyes may need to be rotated a bit, especially if the pupil is a vertical cat-like one.

Use Eraser to erase parts of the eye that should be overlapped by the eyelid. Reduce Eraser hardness to get softer edges. Adjust the Exposure slider to give your eyes a supernatural glow or darken them for a malevolent glare.

Tip: It looks great to make the whites of the eye a bit bloodshot or sickly yellow. Merge your eye to the background by clicking the merge icon on the top toolbar, and then paint on the color using the Zombie Bruise effect. Be sure to adjust the fade.

Crackle and Ooze

Putrefy your zombie’s background! Textures like Crackle and Ooze work best with images that have a fair amount of space surrounding the subject. After applying the effect, use the paintbrush to brush the texture off your subject and other objects in the foreground. Then adjust the fade.

Textures can also distress your zombie’s face. After applying the effect, use the paintbrush to brush the texture off your background. Adjust the fade.

Finito! You’re all set to start staggering around now. Go get ’em, ya big lug!

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.