These DIY Graduation Party Invitations Get an A+

These DIY Graduation Party Invitations Get an A+

’Tis the season for graduation celebrations, which means it’s time to put the books away and throw your square cap in the air like you just don’t care. We’ve got plenty of ideas to help you design an amazerating graduation party invite that you can stick in your formal announcements, or send out via email. Take a gander, and let’s get this party started!

No scissors required

This DIY graduation party invitation was made with PicMonkey's design tools.

Image frames aren’t just for your fancy new diploma, graduate. Head to the Frames tab to find all kinds of snazzy borders for your party invitations. For this design, we used a selection from Craft Scissors (a Premium feature) and adjusted the border and background colors to give it a lovely layered look.

Tips: To create the dividing lines that keep all of your need-to-know party info, well, in line, head to Geometric in the Overlays tab. Find the rectangle and skinny it up until it’s the right width, then clone it by right clicking and choosing Duplicate overlay. Use the top handle to swing your horizontal lines vertical.

Lovin’ the landscape orientation? Select Custom from the canvas size options that display underneath Design in the main navigation bar and specify your size, making sure that the width (first box) is greater than the height.

Photo and info

DIY graduation party invitations are easy to create with photos and PicMonkey's Collage tool.

Your graduation party is about you, so why not put your smarty pants self on the invite (we’re looking at you, high school grads with all those senior pictures lying around). To get this look, head to Collage and select a two-cell layout.

Tip: To make a collage cell match a color in your image, click the Cell button in the Background tab and use the eyedropper to pick your hue. Learn more about all the neato things you can do in Collage with our Every-Question-Answering Intro to Collage article.

Fun with overlays

Wondering what good that geometry class did ya? Put your shape know-how to use and get creative with overlays. Start in Design and check out the stupendous selection of graphics available in the Overlays tab. Now let that well-educated brain of yours transform triangles into pizza and circles into stethoscopes—and check out these ideas for tips and inspiration.

This DIY graduation party announcement for a registered nurse was made with PicMonkey's design tools.
To create this simple stunner, we used a heart overlay and made the cross with a couple skinny rectangles from Geometric. Click inside the color fields in the Overlay palette to get the eyedropper, which you can use to match the shape colors to the canvas color spot-on.

This DIY graduation party announcement for a registered nurse was made with PicMonkey's design tools.

Show your grad party invites some scrub love with triangles, rectangles, and circles from Geometric. Play with the Color 1 and Color 2 options in the Overlay palette to create the pocket outline, V-neck, and stethoscope.

Create modern, simple DIY graduation party invitations with PicMonkey's overlays.

Get right to the point with icons that tell your guests everything they need to know: that you’re graduating, and so pizza and beverages must be ingested in celebratory fashion. We’re heading back to Geometric in the Overlays tab to create these icons, and kicking things up a notch with a chalkboardy texture from Boards in the Textures tab.

Tip: To make the grad cap, use two triangle overlays, a rectangle, and a super tiny oval from Geometric in the Overlays tab. Polish it off with a tassel, which we created by slimming another rectangle down and turning vertical with the top handle.


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