The Fastest Way to Crop a Photo

Cropping is a way to easily remove unwanted elements of a photo, change its shape or size, and put the focus on your subject. Sometimes, you need to crop to a specific size or shape in order to adhere to the image requirements for a social media headshot, a print for a frame, or a photo for a slide presentation. Let’s take a look at how to crop a photo in PicMonkey.

1. Open an image in the Editor. The tools in the Basic Edits tab should automatically display.


2. Next, click Crop.



3. Choose a preset aspect ratio (shape) or size from the options in the drop down menu. Be sure to scroll through the list to get familiar with your choices.



4. If you need to change the orientation, click Rotate crop.



When you first click Crop, you’ll notice that a grid hovers over your image. To resize the crop manually, click and drag the corner handles on the grid. If you chose a specific crop dimension, such as 5 x 7, the grid will maintain those dimensions.

You can reposition the grid by clicking inside it and dragging. This changes where the crop is applied.



5. Once you’re done adjusting, click Apply to crop your photo.


The possibilities are endless with PicMonkey.

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