Scentsy FAQ


Where can I sign up for a PicMonkey Supremium Scentsy account?

In order to become a part of the PicMonkey Scentsy team, head to the Scentsy signup page on PicMonkey.


If you’re already a PicMonkey Premium or Supremium subscriber, log into your account by clicking Log in. If you’re new to PicMonkey, create an account by following the steps and entering your email/creating a password, or sign up with Facebook.


Once you’re logged in, enter your Scentsy consultant ID, then choose the region you belong to and check the box confirming that you’re an active Scentsy consultant. Click Continue.

If you’re brand new to PicMonkey, you’ll be given the option to start a free seven-day trial of PicMonkey Supremium by entering your payment details. When you’re finished, click that beautiful button at the bottom to start your free trial.


If you already have a PicMonkey Premium account, you’ll be presented with an upgrade page that talks about your Scentsy discount on Supremium and getting Scentsy assets in your Hub.

Please note, your Hub may take 1-2 hours to fully populate with all of your images. While you wait, get a head start on your creative projects by exploring the Editor and checking out our blog content. You’ll be glad you did!

How much does the PicMonkey Supremium membership cost?

As part of our newly announced partnership between Scentsy and PicMonkey, we’re offering a discount on our PicMonkey Supremium membership! Scentsy consultants can purchase Supremium for only $74.99 for your first year, and $99.99 for every year thereafter. This is a limited time offer, so get your discount before time runs out!

What's included in my PicMonkey Supremium membership?

With PicMonkey Supremium, you get all the best fonts, effects, and templates available with Premium, plus unlimited Hub storage for your creations, top-tier product support, and the ability to organize your work with Folders. As a Scentsy consultant, all of your seasonal Scentsy assets will be available to you right in your Hub—no need to go back to your workstation to pull assets ever again! We’ll also load your Hub with exclusive Scentsy templates created by professional designers, which you can use to create polished social posts, flyers, and more. 

What happens if I choose to cancel my PicMonkey Scentsy account during the year?

If you decide to cancel your PicMonkey Scentsy account during the year, you will still retain access to PicMonkey Supremium features, but your account will not renew. All of your creations will still be accessible in your personal Hub, however you may lose access to the Scentsy team assets.

Note: PicMonkey does not provide refunds for accounts cancelled during the membership period.

Is my membership fee in US dollars, or my local currency?

For users in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, the European Union, Australia, and New Zealand, your membership fee will be billed in your local currency. All other locations are billed in US dollars.


Who should I contact in case I have billing, account, or technical issues with PicMonkey?

Need help in a pinch? Contact PicMonkey Support at! Scentsy consultants are bumped to the front of the line for support tickets.

Note: Scentsy Consultant Support is unable to assist with any billing, account, or technical support questions regarding PicMonkey.


Where can I find my regional Scentsy assets?

All of your Scentsy assets are located inside of your Hub! To get to Hub, simply head to, then hover over Edit or Touch Up and select My Hub.


When your Hub opens, select click Collections at the top of the screen. Thanks to our partnership with Scentsy, we’ve pre-loaded your hub with the latest seasonal assets, which you can use to create your ads, flyers, social posts, etc. We’ve organized these assets into specific folders for easy navigation—no need to filter through all of your assets to find what you’re looking for.


But what if you want to only bring in a product image to a background you’ve been working on? We can help with that! From the Graphics tab on the left-hand side of the PicMonkey Editor, select Add your own, then select My Hub.


Navigate to your folders, find the product image you’re looking to bring into your design, and click Edit at the bottom of the screen. Voila! Your image has been loaded into the PicMonkey Editor and you’re ready to let your creative side run wild.

What do I do if I have a PicMonkey account and want to be a part of the Scentsy team?

Already an expert PicMonkey user and want to load your Hub with that sweet Scentsy goodness? Awesome! First, log into your PicMonkey account via our homepage. Once you’re logged in, head to the Scentsy landing page. You’ll be greeted by this screen:


Simply punch in your consultant details, choose your region, and confirm that you’re an active consultant. Once you click Continue, you’ll be brought to a Plans and Pricing page where you can claim that special, discounted PicMonkey Supremium membership. We’ll prorate your Supremium plan and give you a $25 discount on Supremium to get started! Once you confirm your upgrade, you’re in!

Please note: It can take 1-2 hours for all Scentsy assets to be added to your Hub. While you wait, check out our amazing blog content for inspiration and tutorials on how to make your ads, posts, and flyers stand out!


What platforms is the PicMonkey Mobile app available on?

PicMonkey Mobile is available on both iOS and Android. You can find us in the App Store or the Google Play store.

Note: In order to take advantage of the special Scentsy Supremium pricing, Scentsy consultants must sign up for Supremium via our Scentsy page. Subscriptions that are initiated via the App Store or Google Play store are not eligible for special discount pricing.

How do I import a custom graphic on PicMonkey mobile?

Currently, you’re unable to import a custom graphic into your design on PicMonkey mobile. However, our engineers are always working to enhance our app features, so stay tuned :).

Am I able to make changes to the designs I created with the mobile app on my desktop?

With PicMonkey Hub, you can always save the designs you create on your mobile device and continue editing them on your computer. However, please note that images saved from mobile to Hub are saved in a flattened state. You’ll be able to add graphics, text, effects, etc., to your image, but you won’t be able to re-edit/remove design elements that you added with the app.


How do I re-edit my designs after saving them?

Hub is PicMonkey’s smart storage platform. Images saved to Hub can be re-edited later, and opened from both your desktop and the PicMonkey mobile app.


When you have an image open in the Editor, you can save it to Hub by clicking the Save button in the top toolbar. (If you want to save an image to your computer, click the Export button.)


A small window will hover over your image, and you’ll be prompted to give your image a title. Type a title where it says “Sample image,” then click the Save button.


If you’ve already added your image to Hub once, the next time you click Save, the title that you assigned to your image the first time you will appear. You can type in a new title, or leave it the same. Click the Save button to save your new image over your old one in Hub. Click the Make a copy button to save it and keep the version you already have stored in Hub.


Hub is only available with a PicMonkey Premium or Supremium subscription. If you don’t have a subscription, are not enrolled in a free trial, or you have a subscription but are not signed in, you’ll receive a message prompting you to either log in or start your free trial when you click Save.

How do I export my designs from Hub?

Hub is PicMonkey’s smart storage solution that lets you edit your images after saving. You must have a premium account to use Hub. Make sure that you are logged into your account before you attempt to add images to or access images already in Hub. If you’re having trouble signing in, see this help article.

Once you’re signed in, you can add images to Hub and access the images that you have stored there.

Adding images to Hub

If you’re working on an image or collage in the PicMonkey Editor or collage maker and you want to add it to Hub, click the Save button in the top toolbar.

You’ll be prompted to name your image. Type your title on the line, then click Add. A message confirming that your image has been added to Hub will appear near the Save button.

Bulk uploading images to Hub

You can add multiple images from your computer to Hub two ways. Start by hovering over Edit, Touch Up, or Collage on the PicMonkey homepage. Click My Hub from the options that appear. Now you can either:

Click Upload at the top of the gallery.

Now select the images on your computer that you want to add to Hub. Hold the Command (if you’re using a Mac) or CTRL (if you’re using a PC) key to select multiple images.

Or you can drag and drop your files from your computer directly into your Hub.

Either way, your files will appear in the Images tab in Hub.

Opening images stored in Hub

To edit an image that you have saved to Hub, head to and hover over Edit, Touch Up, or Collage at the top of the homepage. When the dark grey storage options bar appears, click My Hub.

Select the image or collage from your gallery, then click either the Edit button (if you’re opening your image in the Editor) or the Collage button (if you’re opening your image in Collage) at the bottom of your gallery.
If you’re already working in the Editor, Touch Up, or Collage, click Open on the top toolbar and select My Hub from the drop-down list. Select the image from your gallery, then click the Edit or Collage button at the bottom of  your gallery.
If the image you opened from Hub was previously edited on, its text and graphics will be fully editable. Effects, textures, and frames get flattened when you save, so they won’t be editable when you open an image that you’ve saved to Hub.

Saving images from Hub to your computer

If the image you have saved to Hub is open in the Editor, click Export to save it to your computer or other account you have connected to PicMonkey.

You can also save images in your Hub to your computer without opening them in the Editor first. Hover over Edit, Touch Up, or Collage on the homepage, and click My Hub. When your Hub opens, click Manage Hub in the upper-right corner. Select the images that you want to save to your computer, then click the down arrow icon at the bottom of your Hub, next to the trashcan ion. Confirm that you want to download the selected images, and they will save to your computer.

How do I save images straight to my computer?

Regardless of whether you start with Edit, Touch Up, Design, or Collage, saving a photo to your computer follows the same process.


To save an image or collage to your computer, click the Export button in the top toolbar. Clicking Save will save your image to Hub. Once you click Export, the Export screen will appear.


You can do the following things on the Export screen:

  • Change your file name. Give your image file a new name by typing it in the File name box.
  • Choose your file type. The box to the right of the file name box lets you choose between .png and .jpg. Click the arrow in the box to change your file type.
  • Specify quality level.  If you’re saving your image as a .jpg, you’ll have three options under “Quality,” which offer different balances between resolution and file size. Click an option to see its description, and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Change your image dimensions. If you’d like your image to be a specific size, put the width and height (in pixels) in the boxes under Dimensions. You can also click the caret in the box to the right of the dimensions boxes to adjust your image using percentages instead of pixels.
  • Note your file size. The file size of your image displays above the green Save to my computer button. If you change your quality level or dimensions, the file size display will adjust accordingly.

If you’re ready to save your image, click the green Export to computer button. If you’d like to continue editing, click Cancel or the in the upper-right hand corner.

Where can I find the Scentsy assets in my Hub?

All of your Scentsy assets are located inside of your Hub! To get to Hub simply head to PicMonkey, then hover over the edit or touch-up options. Select My Hub.


Once you enter into your Hub, select the option at the top of the screen called Folders. As part of our partnership with Scentsy, we’ve pre-loaded your Hub with the latest seasonal assets you’ll need to create your ads, flyers, social posts, etc. We’ve also organized these assets into folders for easy navigation—no need to filter through all of your assets to find the perfect one.


But what if you want to only bring in a product image to a background you’ve been working on? We can help with that! From the graphics tab on the left-hand side of the PicMonkey Editor, select Add your own, then select My Hub.


Navigate to your folders, find the product image you’re looking to bring into your design, and click Edit at the bottom of the screen. Voila! Your image has been loaded into the PicMonkey Editor and you’re ready to let your creative side run wild.


What are the Scentsy brand guidelines?

Scentsy brand guidelines can be found within your Scentsy consultant style guide. Can’t find your guide? We’ve got you covered. An abbreviated set of guidelines can be found here.

Is this officially offered as a tool through Scentsy?

PicMonkey and Scentsy have partnered up to give you access to photo editing and design tools that will help you take your business to the next level. While the Editor itself is provided by PicMonkey, the Hub content—including graphics, logos, and product images—are all provided by Scentsy for your use.

Can I customize my personal URL for dynamic posts through PicMonkey?

Currently, PicMonkey does not offer the ability to embed your consultant link directly into your images.