Rotate Your Images the Beyond-Easy Way

Ballet masters and posture-loving parents may be able to straighten things up with a few sharp words, but yelling at your off-kilter photos won’t change anything — other than the number of people willing to hang out with you. Save your voice for shower-time solos by learning to rotate your images the quick way with this handy tutorial. We’ll explore:

  • How to flip and rotate an image

  • How to straighten an image

  • Ways to get creative with image rotation tools

To rotate an image

Your subject may be leaning, but your photo can still face the right direction with rotation options in the Editor.

PicMonkey’s photo rotation tool makes it easy to fix photos that are going the wrong way. You can flip images horizontally or vertically, and rotate them right and left.

  1. Open your image in PicMonkey and click Rotate in the Basic Edits tab. A toolbar with four options will appear.

  2. Click the left-right arrow button to flip your image horizontally, and the up-down arrow button to flip your image vertically. The standard clockwise and counterclockwise buttons will rotate your image one-quarter in either direction.

  3. Click Apply.

But what’s that, you say? Rotating and flipping aren’t what your slightly-askew photos require? We get it — tucking in the sheets isn’t the same as flipping the mattress. If your image is in need of a little less-heavy-handed rotating, try the Straighten slider.

To straighten an image

Make your slightly off-kilter pics right as rain with the Straighten slider.

  1. Open your photo in PicMonkey and click Rotate in the Basic Edits tab.

  2. Move the Straighten slider. You’ll notice that a responsive grid hovers over your image. The slider provides specific measurements for your adjustments, so you can make sure they’re precise.

  3. Click Apply, and marvel at your perfectly altered image.

That’s it — for realzies. No tools to download or fancy subscriptions necessary. Simply rotate and flip your way out of any photo flop, be it an inverted selfie or not-quite-straight cityscape shot.

But spinning images right round round round round isn’t a purely utilitarian function. Photo rotation tools can also be used to give the artistic side of that gorgeous brain of yours some exercise.

Getting creative with image rotation tools

Easily add an artsy vibe to your favorite photos by moving the Straighten slider all the way to the left or right.

Now that you’re a photo rotation whiz, let’s talk s-t-y-l-e. PicMonkey’s tools are the image-enhancing equivalent of a devilishly good-looking mustache — a little something that can add a lot of oomph. There are endless ways to unleash your inner artiste with photo rotation tools. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Flip them upside down, like these beauties, to offer a new perspective on a commonplace subject

  • Tilt them right or left to mimic evocative styles like German Expressionism and Film Noir

  • Rotate and flip staircase shots to give them a little Escher vibe

  • Make your photo-and-text creations tangible by reversing them and transferring to fabric, canvas, or temporary tattoo paper

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This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.