Logo Guidelines

We love our monkey and care a lot about how it appears in the world. Kindly adhere to our guidelines when you display it in print or digital materials.

Standard Horizontal Lockup

Outside of a few exceptions, this is the default, go-to, everybody’s happy version. When in doubt, use this.




Stacked Lockup

Use this logo when space is an issue or working with larger formats such as posters or banners.



Logo Variations

Each logo lockup includes a standard (orange) and reversed (white) version. The standard and reversed logos have been drawn differently to ensure that optically, they appear the same.

The standard logo should be used with a white background only. The reversed logo should be used when the logo will appear on top of a photo or pattern, or on a background of a solid color.


Reversed PicMonkey logo usage examples


Size & Positioning

Let the logo breathe. Providing the right amount of clear space around the logo makes it easier to distinguish and reinforces the PicMonkey brand.

Each logo lockup has a defined clear space measurement that is based on a factor of X ,where X is the overall height of the lock up. For example:

If the logo height is 200px and the clear space requirement is 1/2X, then the clear space is 100px. This clear space should be maintained around the entire logo.

There may be cases where it is difficult to allow the full recommended clear space (e.g., a very small display ad). When this is the case your best judgment should prevail.




Minimum size: Please maintain an acceptable level of screen legibility.

Do's and Don'ts

These examples illustrate how the logo may not be used. Such misuse will undermine PicMonkey’s effort to present a strong and unified brand, and will alter the perception and meaning of the logo itself.

When using the PicMonkey logo, you may not:

  • Change the color of the positive (orange) logo. The positive logo should always appear as PicMonkey orange #dd6611.
  • Reverse the positive (orange) logo by changing the color to white. Instead use the proper negative (white) logo.
  • Use the positive (orange) logo on a color field or photo. This logo should appear on a white or light-colored background only.
  • Add strokes, outlines, or fills to the logo.
  • Add shadows or gradients to the logo.
  • Tilt or skew the logo. Always present the logo on a horizontal baseline.
  • Change the size relationship of the logo elements.
  • Add graphics or graphic elements to the logo.

We appreciate your help in maintaining consistency.