Here’s Why You Should Upgrade to PicMonkey Royale

Here’s Why You Should Upgrade to PicMonkey Royale


Let’s talk about Royale for a minute. We know that as you use PicMonkey to make more and more great things, you’re going to consider PicMonkey Royale. It’s only natural.

As you know, Royale gets you more effects, touch up tools, fonts, templates, overlays, Hub storage, collage options, and absolutely positively forevermore not a single pesky advertisement. Still, some people ask us, “But is it really better?” The short answer is: I-mean-do-you-even-enjoy-having-a-lot-of-fun?-of-course.

Here are some more reasons:

It’s a steal. At pennies a day, Royale is a crazy good deal. It’s cheaper than coffee, cheaper than lunch, cheaper than water, than ladybugs, than asteroids, than most things, actually.


Touch Up. The Touch Up suite includes some of our most phenomenal features. They’re perfect for fine tuning portraits, playing with virtual cosmetics, and accomplishing fun transformations. Experienced users have attested to using Touch Up in surprisingly versatile ways, like for food photography or even vintage photo restoration.

PicMonkey Royale

Edit after saving. Your Royale membership comes with Hub, PicMonkey’s photo storage platform. Hub allows you to edit text and overlays after saving your pictures, giving you total control over when and where you work on your projects. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that Hub is keeping your photos all cozy and warm.

Designer-crafted templates. Access our full library of designer-made, monkey-approved templates. We’re talking birthday invitations, business cards, birth announcements, and much, much more. Easily replace images, alter text, switch up color, and unlock the power of personalization. Plus, with Royale, you can add your templates to Hub and keep using them again and again.

Not just more, but better. There are seriously powerful tools in the Royale collection. Look at Clone, which works like legit magic to remove unwanted elements by duplicating the background. Or Dodge and Burn, for those who really wanna dig in and finely adjust lighting and saturation levels. These tools are about customization and enhancements that go beyond filters and effects (of which we have plenty, and yes, they are mighty).

“Order now! Free! Save $$$! Now!” You see these ads every day. They pull your attention away from the task at hand—whether it’s reading an article or editing your PicMonkey masterpiece. We know that an ads-free experience ignites your creative fuel. You deserve that. You deserve Royale.

No commitment. With Royale subscriptions, you can cancel your membership whenever you want and then voilà. It won’t renew. You want it; you got it. You don’t want it; the end. We’ll even give back that sweater you left in our apartment.


Reduces your BPQ (Boring Picture Quotient). Tired of receiving boring and/or ugly pictures from your friends and loved ones? Gift ’em Royale! It’s sure to give all images, photos, and designs an unrivaled boost. The best part? No need to wrap it, hide it, or assemble it in the middle of the night. So, treat yourself. Try it for free.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make good pictures and take over the world.