PicMonkey 101 | Part 10: Using Video in Designs

PicMonkey subscriptions come with valuable stock photo and stock video libraries that are royalty-free to use, meaning we don't charge you per video or photo—they are included in your subscription fees.

Stock videos are available from within the PicMonkey editor. Select the Photos & Video tab on the left to browse videos or enter your search terms. You can crop the shape of the video, or trim the length. You cannot stitch video clips together.

Alternatively, you can upload and use your own video clips. Right now .mov and .mp4 files are supported. When you export a video you have the option to export as a .mp4 or a .gif. We recommend keeping .gif files with video under 6-10 seconds for best results.

When you download your video it may take a couple seconds or a couple minutes depending on the length of your file and your computer. You can continue working in PicMonkey while your video downloads, or even close your editing session if you like because we will send you an email when your video is ready.

An easy way to get your video onto your mobile device is to open the "Your video is ready" email on your phone/tablet and then download it to your device.

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