PicMonkey 101 | Part 4: Start with a Template

PicMonkey has 1000s of design templates that are pre-made in multiple sizes for various uses. They are an excellent choice to get started on a project really fast. All of our pre-sized templates are customizable, meaning that you can swap in your own pics, graphics, or text to make the design unique.

To create with a template, start back on Homepage again and click Create New and choose Templates. Type in your search terms (for instance: red instagram, or youtube thumbnail), or you can scroll down to browse all the template categories available to you.

Preview the templates by clicking one to see it larger in the workspace. Continue clicking to preview; once you make a change to an open template you'll need to start a new project.

Customizing templates is super easy—click on an element in the template to delete it or replace it. Or, use the Layers panel to select an element (text, photo, graphics, etc...) to customize.

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