Photo Walk to the Pie Shop

The PicMonkey team went for a photo walk in our sweet lil’ neighborhood, and learned several important things:

  1. Photo walks are supa cool! We looked at all our photos together and were amazed to note how completely differently each person saw things in the same environs.

  2. Photo walks let us get away with chatting, walking, and eating pie in the name of work.

Here are our photos, with captions detailing how we PicMonkeyed them.

Cropped the image closer, and Cross Process Blue complemented the yellow lights

Cropped out part of a wall and Yester-color worked well with the green chairs

Urbane really brought out the shine in these metal plates

Sharpen brought out the detail and faded Holga added some mood

Cropped to make the image square and frame doorway; Posterize highlighted the great detail and pattern

Ombre added some color to the gray sky

Dusk looked great with the yellow bus color

Sharpen focused on the detail, and Lomo saturated the color and blurred the edges

Exposure lightened the top area; Sharpen brought out the tread in tires; and Dark Edges gave focus

Boost in foreground to bring out moss and Soften in background to knock it back

Check out another photo walk we did.

P.S. For the math-minded among us, major kudos for the first person to comment and explain why we thought it would be important to post this on March 14th?

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