Mirror a Picture in our Collage Maker

Mirror a Picture in our Collage Maker

Mirror pictures are all over the internet, so you’re poised to be Captain Cool with your take on this trend. The mirror effect is a unique way to turn an ordinary photo into something that really stands out, and guess what: it only takes a couple clicks for this edit. Seriously, watch the video or read the steps below to see how easy it is. You can flip your photos with our collage tool. This will help you create a mirror collage.

1. Open a photo in the Collage maker. The default layout has a rectangle and two squares, but since collages are responsive, you can just delete one of the squares and boom, you’re ready to mirror. There are two ways to fill your Collage: drag and drop your images from the photo tray, or fill the cells automatically by clicking AutoFill.

2. It gets even easier from here. Just click the “Edit” button to pull up the Edit palette, and then use the horizontal or vertical flip buttons on one cell. This will help you create a mirror picture.

Tip: the Effects tab in the Edit palette has some of our most popular effects, as well as a portal that gets you into the Editor and back again. You can do it when you upgrade to Royale.

3. To get rid of those spaces, go to the Background tab, and adjust the Spacing slider to zero. From there, you can easily drag each photo to make your mirror image symmetrical.

Tip: To create more cells, drag your photo to an inner border between cells, or the outer edge of the collage border. You’ll see a thin blue bar appear. That’s what creates a new cell.

That’s all it takes to make a mirror image! Go try it for yourself, and have fun.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make good pictures and take over the world.