Hub Smart Storage

Get the Most Out of Hub

Say hello to your new best bud! Hub is a design powerhouse disguised as a storage solution that’s going to rocket-propel your work (and play!) to the next level.

What’s Hub all about?

You might know that Hub is PicMonkey-specific storage. But did you also know that your images are automatically added to Hub and they get converted to a special, re-editable file type(!)?

Ready to learn more? Here are four ways Hub’s gonna help you live your best creative life:

Stay connected to your projects, wherever you are

You can use Hub on both and the PicMonkey mobile app, which means you can do neat-o stuff like:

Instantly share desktop creations to mobile. No more emailing yourself pics to share on Instagram! Now all your pics can live in one spot.

Snap pics now, edit ’em later. Find inspiration out in the wild, and add your phone pics to Hub to use in advanced design projects.

Always have the option to change your mind

Editing is a process. With re-editable Hub files, you don’t need to feel locked into a creative choice you made two weeks ago—let alone one you made two minutes ago.

Roll with the changes

Maybe your venue cancelled or your speaker’s flight got delayed. Keep your invites and posters up to date.

Follow your creative vision

When you can go back and edit your designs, you’re always free to chase your muse.

Fix typos + other missteps

Never start a project from scratch again — now it’s super easy to make tweaks and quick fixes.

Take templates to the next level

For designs you need to create again and again, Hub is a great resource, thanks to re-editable images.

Make your own designs into templates. Click Save to stash any design you’ve created in Hub. Next time you open it and edit it, click Save a copy and your original plus the new version will be saved.

Keep your PicMonkey templates re-editable. Try adding one of our design templates to Hub. Next time you open it, you’ll be able to customize it in a new way, while keeping the original version intact.

Become a master brander

With Hub’s Collections it’s easy to organize and utilize all your brand assets.

Sort your branded goodies. Keep logos, color palettes, product shots, and social media images in Collections so you can easily find them.

Easily pull assets in and out of Hub. Now you can put your logo everywhere and watermark a photo in seconds flat!

Keep your brand consistent. Having everything organized in Hub helps you make sure that all your colors and fonts stay consistent.

Want re-editable images? It’s as easy as 1-2-3(4)

icon box image

1. Start with an image

Make your edits in the PicMonkey Editor or Collage.

icon box image

2. Save it to Hub

When you’re done, click the Save button in the top toolbar.

icon box image

3. Create a title

Name your masterpiece to stash it in its new re-editable state.

icon box image

4. Open from Hub

When you want to make changes, open it from Hub and edit away!