How to Watermark Your Photos

What is a watermark? It’s a little something that says, “Hey this is mine, like it? Check out my website.” It’s your first line of defense to protect against people using your images without permission, and it’s a great way to market your product or service. PicMonkey has everything you need to watermark your photos—here’s how:

1. Add text or a logo to a canvas

Open up a blank canvas. You can simply create your company or brand name in an interesting font, or you can design a logo for your watermark. Add text and graphics —whatever floats your design boat (circles are bomb!). Bear in mind the type of images you’ll be applying your watermark to while you’re designing: Light colors stand out more on dark images, and dark colors stand out on light images.

2. Crop it close

When you’re all done with your masterpiece, use the Crop tool in Basic Edits to crop the canvas size very close to the perimeter of your design. You’ll appreciate this later because it gives you more flexibility when you’re adding your watermark to an image.

3. Make it transparent

This step is super important. Once your watermark looks ready for the world, go to the Basic Edits tab and make sure to click the Transparent canvas box under Canvas Color.

4. Save your watermark

Finally, go ahead and click Save on the toolbar at the top of the page.

You did it!

Check out our in-depth watermark tutorial for a more detailed guide to watermark fantasti-tude, with pro tips and bonus sparkles.

The possibilities are endless when you get a PicMonkey membership.

Fabiola Millican is a social media marketer here at PicMonkey. When she's not creating wonders on, she's probably traveling, at the beach, or taking pictures somewhere.