How to Tint a Photo the Easy Way

Color tinting is a great way to have some fun with your photos.

PicMonkey’s Tint effect makes it easy to shift your images toward a specific hue, thanks to its varied blend modes and control over the effect’s intensity.

Combine Tint with other effects for a unique look, or use it on its own—either way, you’ll have a blast creating eye-popping pictures.

1. Open an image in the Editor and make any adjustments you’d like. In this case, we applied the Tri-X effect.


2. Next, find Tint in the Effects tab.



3. Choose a hue from the color picker.



4. Click the Advanced drop down menu and try out different blend modes. Blend modes mix the Tint effect with your image’s tones in various ways, making it appear more subtle or dramatic.



5. Use the Fade slider to refine the effect.



Play around with the blend modes and the Fade slider to create unique tinted looks for your pics. If you pair Tint with other effects and find a dreamy combo, click Save custom effect at the top of the effects tab. Next time, you’ll be able to quickly apply your effect concoction to other images. For more about all that, check out our article about custom effect combos.


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