Photo Editing Essentials: Growing Your Brand

We’re pumped to debut a free class that covers all the easy photo editing essentials for growing your brand. The class is free on Skillshare, an amazing company that offers classes (broken up into bite-size lessons) on how to do pretty much anything.

In this two-minute video, you can see our very own Jenn Reiner preview what you’ll learn in the class:

  • Photo retouching tricks

  • Resizing tips

  • Collaging ideas

  • Watermarking and more!

Look. If you’re a blogger, small business owner, marketer, or freelancer who wants to harness the impact of great visuals to grow your presence, your brand, and your business, this is what you need.

Each lesson includes tips, demonstrations, and ways to use your new photos on social media and beyond. So take advantage of this free introduction to hooking your audience with outstanding images. Take the class here.

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