Get to Know PicMonkey Royale Features

Get to Know PicMonkey Royale Features

Anatomy class! If you signed up for PicMonkey Royale, we bet you’re loving the ads-free experience. But if you still aren’t quite sure which effects are Royale and which aren’t, here’s your answer: look for the crowns!

Guide to PicMonkey Royale features

If you’re working in the Editor panel and the Collage panel, all the effects and tools are listed on the left side. The ones that are Royale show a little crown right under the name. Subtle, yes, but you didn’t want to be the kind of flashy, tawdry royalty that shows up in the tabloids, did you?

And look for more Royale features in the future. We will continue to add new features and new content to both PicMonkey free and PicMonkey Royale.

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