Frits Habermann Joins the Helm of PicMonkey

Frits Habermann Joins the Helm of PicMonkey
September 21, 2015 PicMonkey

Excuse us for gushing, but PicMonkey just got a booster shot of SweetPhotoMagic with our new chief technical officer and vice president of product, Frits Habermann. Frits has steered some of the greatest brands in image software, game software, and online learning—Real Networks, Popcap,, and Adobe—in various roles from director of engineering to vice president to CTO. And just to knock more of our socks off, he’s an accomplished landscape photographer who’s trekked the world to capture amazing images.

What’s in store for PicMonkey, with Frits on board? More new features, and even more after that. Keep your eyes peeled.


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