Flash and Firefox

Firefox has been known to block Flash completely over security concerns and is fairly aggressive in making sure Flash is up to date. They have a security feature that will block Flash unless you give it explicit permission to run. This permission must be granted each time you launch Flash, unless you change the settings.

Before we get to that, you need to make sure both Firefox and Flash are up to date. If you are having problems, don’t rely on having recently installed updated versions of Firefox or Flash: new versions are sometimes replaced by an even newer version pretty closely after their release, when bugs are discovered.

If you’re having trouble loading your images in PicMonkey, here are a few things you can try:

Update Firefox

The version of Flash available to you can change depending on which version of Firefox you are running. It’s important to update Firefox to the most recent version.

Update Flash

If Flash is out of date, Firefox may prevent Flash from running. You must update Flash to the latest version.

Allow Flash to run

Firefox has a security feature that gives you control over when and how Flash is allowed to run.

To change this setting, you have to get into the Firefox “Add-ons” menu. There are a few ways of getting there:

  • Enter the following into Firefox’s address bar
  • In the Firefox menu select
    Tools > Add-ons 
  • Give Firefox focus (click on it) and use keyboard shortcuts
    Mac: ⌘+shift+A 
    Windows: Control+Shift+A

From the Add-ons Manager:

  1. Select Plugins (on the left)
  2. Locate “Shockwave Flash”
  3. Set the dropdown menu to “Always Activate”
  4. Close the Add-ons Manager

Refresh Firefox

Mozilla provides an online tool that enables you to refresh Firefox. This tool fixes many issues by resetting your add-ons and settings.

Uninstall and reinstall Flash

When all else fails, reinstalling Flash can help. In order to reinstall Flash you must uninstall it first. Adobe has separate tools for removing Flash from Windows and OS X.

Once you’ve downloaded and run this tool to remove Flash, you are ready to download and install Flash again. Please note, Adobe is fond of including other software with this download. If you see a checkbox on this page that includes an optional download (such as MacAfee Internet Security), uncheck the option before proceeding with the download.