#Fave: More Photos We Less-Than-Three

That’s <3, people. Photos we H-E-A-R-T! Anyway, we believe it was Shakespeare himself who wrote, “Once more unto the interwebs, dear friends. Because PicMonkeyers are sharing AWESOME STUFF over there.”

… Something like that, anyway. Today, we’re happy to highlight PicMonkey users whose out-of-this-world creations run the gamut from stars and nebulae to music and lyrics. Check it out!

1. Easy as ABC

We’re pretty sure it took longer than a New York minute for mom/photographer/blogger Kris Strange to compile this incredible alphabet. You can follow her family’s urban adventures (complete with pictures!) over here.

2. Rocket Man

Updating a beautiful nature shot to make it appear as though you have superpowers or cybernetic enhancements? We like the cut of your jib, friend.

3. No Scrubs

Brought to us by the bloggers at Girl-ish, who tap into the immortal wisdom of TLC to remind us not to settle for scrubs. If you’re not sure what a scrub is, it’s a guy who thinks he’s fly. Also known as a buster.

4. Adoring the ’20s

Who’s that fantastic flapper? Gotta be some famous chanteuse from the Jazz Age, right? Actually, it’s this epic PicMonkeyer, upping her selfie game to time-traveling proportions.

5. Hip-Hop Bodysuits

We’ll just let the creator of this lyrical layette, Candice Luter, sum it up:

Every little newborn needs some hip-hop lyrics to go out into the new world in style 🙂

Sounds good to us! Do those come in adult sizes?

6. Twinkletoes

What we love most about this image is the harmonious jam between subject and effect: gentle bokeh lights are a soft, sweet complement to this itty-bitty ballerina. As the caption says, ”Keep calm and hoop on.”

7. Revenge of the Blood Moon

After our article on taking moon photos, we’re psyched to see how some of you rose to the challenge. This shot was snapped by German teen photographer (and, if we may say so, total wunderkind) Pascal.

8. Just Our Type

Typography enthusiast @lillianlimingletters created the font behind this cosmically cool graphic. What can we say? We’re star-struck.

9. (Brush)stroke of Genius

We’re blown away by the beauty of @_repo_’s colorful but subtle portrait. Honorable mention from their Instagram: noble canine beholds a starry vista.

10. To the Reading-Mobile!

Kapow! Wham! Lacie Ring, president of Wooster Elementary’s PTO, uses PicMonkey to share her heroic efforts for the school’s Literacy Night.

11. Poster Child

Not only is this image a truly inventive melding of photorealism and the Posterize effect, but Flex Zone Fashion offers some office-chic styling tips:

A casual yet serious look for those busy Monday’s at work. This look show a skinny mao collared shirt with a super-skinny waistcoat and Bottega Venetta sneakers with skinny stretch chinos.

12. Heavenly Headshot

Ah, double exposure, our old friend. We love everything about this celestial selfie, from the framing to the color palette.

13. Memento Mori

This is ghoulishly good timing on behalf of PicMonkeyer @xandra8, who gets into the Halloween spirit with a haunted hipster selfie. If you dig this spin on the spooky season, try our Halloween effects on a photo of your own.

Do you have an image to share? If you made it using PicMonkey, tag with #picmonkey or link us to it here!

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Elisa Chavez

Elisa Chavez is a content writer here at PicMonkey, where she hopes to change the world one dinosaur selfie at a time. She is also a nationally ranked slam poet, champion shopper, and doting dog mama.