#Fave: Applause-worthy Creations by Y’all

Users, we love you. We don’t say it enough. But rest assured, you’re the beacon that guides us through the tempestuous waters of this photo-editing life. Basically, on any given day, this is us:

So let us serenade you with our own brief ode to your splendiferous wonderment: our latest roundup of user-created content.

1. Naturally, nature photos

Brrr! The stark loveliness of this photo reminds us of tromping around outside on chilly days. We might need to drink some cocoa, actually. (Oh, no! The humanity!)

2. Jeepers creepers

So yeah, we’re fashionably late to the Halloween party. But in our opinion, you can be spooky any time of year. With its fiery leaves and quiet headstones, this image by Stephen Glass is equal parts creepy and peaceful.

3. Get a clue

And speaking of Halloween parties, blogger Brettni Brumfield found an exceptionally creative—and festive—use for PicMonkey’s Design tool. She used PicMonkey to make clues for a Halloween scavenger hunt, a move that makes her our new go-to party planner.

4. Espresso yourself

While it’s great to see the amazing things you make, users, we also love seeing your shiny faces (and latte art) during the creative process.

This shot by Teresa Hayden hits close to home in a delightful way, since we, too, can often be found downing caffeine as we eeny-meeny between photo effects.

5. Street smart, street art

Layering textures and effects is a surefire way to create unforgettable images. If you dig the street art vibe of @pinkjoy10’s portrait, and want to get the look for yourself, try this equation:

Posterize (Effects) + Paint (Textures) + Boards (Textures)

We predict epic results.

6. Class act

These “self-portrait t-shirt designs” were created by Cleveland Heights High School students, and shared by the Center for Arts-Inspired learning. You can just see the individuality of each kid radiating from the designs.

The PicMonkey crew salutes both orgs for their creative approach to learning! We’re over the moon to see our product helping them further their excellent goals.

7. A rainbow of possibilities 

The very coolest thing about this rainbow-blooming tree is that it was made entirely from PicMonkey design elements. We love using PicMonkey’s simple graphics as building blocks, so it’s great to see that you guys do too.

8. Music to our eyes

We love when users transport us to a moment in time. In this case, the moment in question takes place at a warm, sunny concert, and we’re about to throw some article of clothing at this gentleman in the hopes he’ll sign it.

Which is to say, thank you, photographer Chelsie Soult. God bless us everyone.

9. In other words

Proof that there really is a Harry Potter quote for every occasion, and that our friends should stop rolling their eyes at us when we try to demonstrate. This print is warm, welcoming, and festive—and the paw graphic is a great nod to the character being quoted.

We see you with your werewolf references, @fan.mom. We see you.

10. Edible inspiration

We love to see you guys doing your thang, whether it’s blogging, teaching, photography, or world domination. What we love most of all is when you do said thang using PicMonkey, which is why we adore this Halloween-ariffic blog post header made by @teenytinyfoodie.

It’s like, we go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like rama lama lama and ka dinga da dinga dong. Like superheroes and spandex.

In conclusion, users, we wanted to take advantage of the schmaltz of this occasion to say that we’re grateful for you every day. We’re grateful for the glimpses you share of your projects, your aspirations, and your lives. We hope this post finds you healthy and happy, and we can’t wait to see what you do with PicMonkey as the holidays unfold.

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Elisa Chavez

Elisa Chavez is a content writer here at PicMonkey, where she hopes to change the world one dinosaur selfie at a time. She is also a nationally ranked slam poet, champion shopper, and doting dog mama.