A Designer’s Guide to the Winterland Theme

Writers at PicMonkey must resign themselves to the role of footmen at the table of Design. You walk by a designer’s monitor when a piece of photographic gorgeousness is coming together, and say: “Ooooh man, that’s cooooowuhl! How’d ya dooooo that?! And you get an inscrutable answer like: “Never underestimate a slab font.” You have to wait until the dishes are cleared to go back and ask more deliberately, with pen in hand, “Okay. Now tell me how you made that image, and talk slowly please.”

This week’s tips from designers Jen Shetterly and Jaree Wolfe center on using our new Winterland theme to make oooh-man-that’s-coooowuhl holiday gift tags. First, get an eyeful of inspiration on our Pinterest boards. Jen pinned some cool samples made with PicMonkey’s Winterland effects, and also some general inspiration from around the web that’ll get your design mind whirring.

“Keep it simple” is Jen’s mantra; “Don’t overdo it.” She advises sticking to one or two fonts, not a kajillion. Favorite fonts for holiday grandeur are Channel and other script-y decorative ones. The same advice holds true for graphics: just one or two will anchor a design nicely.

“Don’t be afraid to go big,” says Jaree. Most of our graphics are vector graphics, which means that even if it appears super tiny in the graphics tab, it’ll scale gorgeously to the fullest dimensions of your image.

photo of bird graphic

Take note of whether your graphic is one-color or two-color when you place it onto your image. Two-color images give you a lot of flexibility. In the palette to the right of this bird graphic, you can see that color 2 defaults to “transparent.”

Image of bird photo sticker in silhouette

Click in the color square next to “Color 2” and the eyedropper will allow you to choose the same color as color 1. Now you have a silhouette image!

Finally, Jen and Jaree remind you to tread beyond of the realms of Winterland. The universe of effects, textures, graphics, and fonts from the main editing panel offer you even more combinations to create your greatest holiday imagery ever.

Look for more tips on the blog in upcoming weeks.

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