New Comic Heroes Theme to the Rescue!

New Comic Heroes Theme to the Rescue!

From the ashes of the ordinary, PicMonkey’s new Comic Heroes theme rose to glory. For eons, scientists have sought the true source of Comic Heroes’ abilities. Was it a bug bite? Radiation? Genes of an advanced humanoid species from a doomed alien planet? The origins of Comic Heroes are unknown, but its powers are anything but.

Manhattan skyline with PicMonkey's "Graphic Novel" effect from the new Comic Heroes theme.

For the mighty Graphic Novel, we rebuilt our posterize tool to render color and skin tones as the human eye perceives them. The result is an effect that seamlessly transforms your reality into the two-dimensional worlds of graphic novels and animation.

PicMonkey's "Comic Print" effect from the new Comic Heroes theme.

The dazzling Comic Print: an effect with a Lichtenstein-inspired penchant for recreating images in the Ben-Day dots of yesteryear. No longer are you limited to feeble webcam comic effects. You can adjust the size, strength, and opacity of these iconic dots, and they’ll look amazing.

Collage swatches for PicMonkey's new Comic Heroes theme.

No hero’s journey is complete without panels. With Comic Heroes’ Collage swatches, anyone can channel its awesome powers to create stories, blog images, jokes, learning materials, cards, and anything imaginable in the comic book style.

New typefaces and collage swatches in PicMonkey's new Comic Heroes theme.

Every hero needs a sidekick, or in Comic Heroes’ case, six sidekick fonts: Franchise, Badaboom, Komika Text, Smash, and Smash Open. You’ll find these Typeface Titans at the bottom of the theme’s menu, and in the Text tab, hiding in plain sight with the civilian fonts.

New overlays in PicMonkey's Comic Heroes theme.

But don’t just stop at fonts. Comic Heroes has an arsenal of overlays at your disposal: the BOOMs and ZAPs boom and zap like no BOOMs or ZAPs have boomed or zapped before. With dozens of comic bubbles, narration boxes, hero shields and hand-drawn masks, Comic Heroes build stories—whether it’s yours or your alter ego’s.

PicMonkey's new Comic Heroes theme.

Once you’ve built your story, tell it with panels—the definitive form of comic book storytelling. PicMonkey’s Collage tool lets you customize your story, panel by panel, page by page, chapter by chapter.

And if you like what you’ve seen here, we think you’ll love our newest super sidekick: design templates. Our collection of designer-curated templates features cards, invitations, social posts, and much more. To bring a heroic touch to your Clark Kent day-to-day, may we recommend Kaboom?

While rumors from across the globe describe jaw-dropping photos and even more effects, the fantastic theme continues to baffle the greatest minds on planet Earth. What’s next in the Comic Heroes saga? You decide.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make good pictures and take over the world.