Christmas Card, New Year’s, and Holiday Templates Are Here

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again: time to send out holiday cards!

… Okay, so maybe that thought fills you with more trepidation than delight. But rejoice: PicMonkey holiday design templates are here, and they’ll make your Christmas cards, New Year’s Eve invites, and seasonal greetings glow. Say hello to a few of our new faves, and start planning your customized cornucopia of holiday cards.

Holiday template #1: Menorahble

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Don’t worry about how you’re going to say “Hanukkah Sameach” to the people you love, because PicMonkey’s got you covered. This year we’re proud to offer a selection of Hanukkah design templates, ranging from minimalist graphic cards to photo cards to designs that flaunt fonts. Menorahble, on the graphic side of things, sports semitransparent graphics that give each candle a lambent glow.

Holiday template #2: Flake-i-ful

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This holiday season, try Christmas card templates that put your favorite people first. Flake-i-ful sports a frame of dreamy snowflakes, but doesn’t distract from the main event: a photographic centerpiece.

Tip: Adding a photo to your template is just the beginning. Once you’ve got your pic where you want it and your text looks good, hit Flatten image and you’ll be able to make your photo double-shot glamorous with any of our effects or touch-up tools.

Holiday template #3: Much Festivus

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Here at PicMonkey, we know there are as many different ways to celebrate the season as there are snowflakes. So when we crafted our holiday templates, we wanted to make sure we highlighted more than just Christmas. In addition to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, we’re happy to help you celebrate Festivus, an ancient and noble tradition dating back to the 1990s. Customize this template and wow your friends with feats of card-making strength.

Holiday template #4: Scriptivate

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What are you doing New Year’s Eve? If it in any way involves other people, you should think about breaking out one of our New Year’s templates.

Tip: Don’t forget how bananas easy it is to edit text in PicMonkey to customize your seasonal message. Just use PicMonkey’s Layers palette! (Want more information about how Layers works in general? We can do that.)

Holiday template #5: Year in Review

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One popular tradition at year’s end is to share a status report of sorts with loved ones: how your family’s doing, what milestones you’ve hit, etcetera. While these family updates can come in newsletter form, why not let your photos do the talking? The Year in Review template has nine, count ‘em, nine spots for images, which is equivalent to nine months’ worth of milestones, or four milestones and five silly portraits, or nine of the same picture over and over again, Warhol-style. You’re the boss.

Tip: To replace an image on a template with one of your own, right-click the image and scroll down to the Replace options. You’ll be able to pick an image from Hub, your computer, or another location to pop into the old pic’s place.

Plus, if you’re looking to print these puppies out, we’ve got you covered over at the PicMonkey Print Shop.

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