2017 Spring Design Trends to Delight Your Soul

2017 Spring Design Trends to Delight Your Soul
April 3, 2017 Tanya Friedland

Spring is here! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the allergens are circulating—it’s all happening! Cast off the last vestiges of winter and embrace the season of new beginnings with these fresh design trends. This spring has a stylish way of reconciling classic and traditional vibes with a clean, modern look. Ready your eyeballs for all the glory you’re about to behold.

1. Dreamy floral graphics

Design trends, spring, floral graphics, ombre

Whether you’re designing wedding invitations or a 30 percent off promo post, floral graphics can add a sense of whimsy and elegance. Two styles we’re liking now are wreaths (great for encircling text!) and ombre graphics. Check out the wreaths we have in the Wedding and Games & Glory graphic groups.

To get the look in PicMonkey, start with a plain ol’ floral graphic (you can find oodles of them in the Graphics tab under Nature). Head into the Effects tab and pick Ombre, and choose your colors. Then use the eyedropper in the Graphic palette to and pluck out the darkest hue from your background.

2. Serene pastels and rockin’ jewel tones

design trends, spring, pastels, color, design, color palette, collage

We don’t know about you, but we were starting to get depressed by all the bare winter trees and dead grass. Herald the springtime beauty by reintroducing color back into your life. Whether you’re trying to devise an entire color scheme for a seasonal campaign or just picking a font color, look to nature to inspire your choices.

design trends, spring, color palette, jewel tones, collage, design

Pastels are always a popular pick for spring, but try giving them a modern twist by dialing up the intensity. We’re also loving sultry jewel tones paired with creamy neutrals. To incorporate a color palette into your designs, add it as your own graphic and use the eyedropper tool to pick colors directly out of your palette. When you’re done, just delete it.

3. Bright whites

bright whites, floral, spring, design trends, instagram, fashion, design, photography

Make pastels pop and florals flourish by placing them over a crisp, white background. Even if you’re using traditional design elements, placing them over a white background instantly adds a chic, modern vibe.

4. Script-y, artistic fonts

design trends, spring, fonts, script, cursive, calligraphy, design, picmonkey

If ever there was a time to bust out elegant calligraphy fonts, that time is now. Make eye-catching header text that’s shamelessly formal with Lavanderia or go a little bit more bohemian with Levitee. Whatever fonts you pick, be sure to pair them with body text that’s simple and easy to read.

5. Millennial pink

design trends, floral, flat lay, millennial pink, color

This color is so pervasive popular, it deserves a mention all to itself. An Instagram darling, this shade of pink works well as an accent color and as the focal point of an image or design. (You get bonus social media points if you use it in a flat lay.)

6. Layered text and images

design trends, spring, layered text and images, floral, flat lay

Combine bold text with the wilds of nature to instantly spring-ify layered text/image combos. To learn how to recreate this engaging style in PicMonkey, check out our full tutorial.

7. Graphic shapes

design trends, spring, graphic design, templates, geometric shapes, graphics, floral

Psst! Like what you see? This image is a template—just click to start editing!

How do you take all these designs and give ’em an instant, edgy upgrade? Put a triangle over it, or block it out in a square. Using geometric shapes in your designs adds a unique visual twist, even if all your other design elements are more traditional.


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Tanya Friedland
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