Movember: We Grow Hair Because We Care

“Movember” has been designated to bring attention to men’s health issues  (Men + November = Movember, get it?), particularly testicular cancer and prostate cancer.  Join the effort by helping to raise funds and growing a mustache.  But if you’re a woman, growing facial hair is not really an option.  Hmmm… We just don’t know how you could visibly, say, on your Facebook page, show your support.  *Cough!* Facial Hair overlay *Cough!*

Read more from The Movember Foundation  and check out these mustachioed ladies we know really well:

photo of PicMonkey women wearing Movember mustaches


























Want to see more? Check out:

Grow Your Support for Movember!


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  • fifi

    kok aku ga bisa edit foto di picmonkey ya?? :(

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    God good all time

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    God .

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    Gosto muito de tudo do Picmonkey. Gostaria de saber quando chegam as decorações natalinas?

  • Shari

    I love the blogs and site updates. If it wasn’t for your site I wouldn’t have a place to edit my pictures for my Etsy shop.

    Thank you!

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    Great cause! Love the stash Jen : ) Looking good !!

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      :) Jen just waxed it this morning.

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    Love love love PicMonkey – we use it all the time at Popubase.

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    mcm mne nk wat niey .. hmmm

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    alguien podría decirme como se guarda la foto que editas…

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