Video Tutorial: Shape Outlines

Here’s how it works at PicMonkey: you ask, we deliver. You want shape outlines for your geometric overlays? You got shape outlines for your geometric overlays, plus more color options. Check your struggles at the homepage, because the days of solid shapes eclipsing your creativity? Those days are over.

You can create shape outlines because Geometric overlays are now two-color, and you can make the second color transparent. After you’ve placed your overlay, go to the palette and pick a color for Color 1 (edge), then check “Transparent” above the color picker for Color 2 (fill). Now you’ve got an outline for text boxes, frames within your image, infographics, coupons, grids, you name it. If corners aren’t your bag, use the circle overlays to annotate your image, ride the trendy wave of circular design, or quickly end a game of Where’s Waldo. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Two-color functionality also means you can go nuts color coordinating the edge and fill of your overlay. Want to give that chartreuse triangle some cobalt trim? Just pick your poison from our color palette. If you have a more specific color in mind, select from anywhere in your image with the dropper tool, or input your hex code of choice.

Here it is in action:

P.S. The line thickness adjusts automatically with the scale of your shape.

Oh hey look we’ve talked about shapes before: Shape cutouts give your image an edge.

12 Responses to “Video Tutorial: Shape Outlines”

  • please give us the option to adjust the border thickness!

  • Yay I’m really exited about this new feature, and indeed a border thickness option would be great! You are awesome!

  • Thank you for this! I have made use of this feature numerous times since the update.

  • please give us the option adjust border thickness. it is not consistent. PLUS make an option to lock items temporarily. like layers. nothing complicated but that would come in handy. Saving the file and being able to make edits would be a dream. like the picnik had

  • I would love to change the line thickness. Seriously, I would give you $5 to make that happen. Please.

  • I used a geometric overlay to highlight a single line of text – so long box with thicker borders on the ends. I visit PicPonkey almost every day. It’s a whole lotta fun!

  • Can you edit RAW files in pic monkey

    • Hey Debz,

      PicMonkey can open and save JPG and PNG files. You’ll need to “develop” your RAW files first using the software that came with your camera.

      Hope that helps!

  • I would like to be able to place picture on a wall. Like having a person standing by a wall ad also having their picture on the wall

  • Can the shapes start with the border set to transparent so that I don’t have to select transparent every time that I don’t want to use it?

  • Is there an option to “tilt” the overlays? And, is there an option to make lines (horizontal or vertical)?

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