Video Tutorial: Erase a Background Behind a Subject

Seeing is believing… until you get your paws on the textures tool. Then you know that sneaky photo editing magic can make the unreal appear real. Learn how to use the paintbrush tool in textures (Clouds, Space, Water, and more) to change the background behind your photo subject. It’s a quick two-minute video tutorial.

If you want to use the same technique to make your own photograph a background behind a photo subject, use the “Your Own” button, in the Overlays tab, to open an image on top of another image.  Then, erase away with the paintbrush, just as it’s shown in this tutorial.

For more great tips on PicMonkey features, lay your eyes on our:


  • ッ~ℳℯℴwiッ

    Amazing. :)

  • Susie Smith Roscoe

    Ohhhh…this is gonna be a fun one to play with! LOVE IT!

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    Lindo!!! 😉

  • Kelly Grace

    Had just the perfect pic for this! Thanks, it turned out great.

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    I love this.

  • Ben

    Very cool, wonder what happens with dark backgrounds….

    • PicMonkey2

      Should work just fine!

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    Yay! Glad you got right on it.

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    Now I need my little brother to get a cape on and pretend to be superman…

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    Wicked i have used Picmonkey and gimp to Redo most of the pictures i use on my website

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  • charlotte

    When I click “edit a photo with picmonkey ” it goes back to the homepage. What am I doing wrong ?

  • Marylyn Broomhall

    Wow, totally love the video tutorial. So easy to understand how this works. Now to give it a try out :-)

  • Victoria Blair

    For some reason, when I get to the step where you erase the overlay to show my original picture, the feature isn’t working. I’ve watched the video about 5 or 6 times. What am I doing wrong?!! Grr!