PicMonkey Royale Yearly Plan Hits the Streets

We’ve been tweaking PicMonkey Royale, and today we’re rolling out our new yearly plan. It’s $33 a year, which works out to be $2.75 a month. Pretty sweet.

“It’s a great price point—45% off,” says marketing maestro Lisa Conquergood, “and we wanted to provide another option so folks can choose what works for them.”  We’re also super jazzed that 60% of our effects are free for the taking, and a few Royale effects like Tranquil and Add Your Own Textures and Overlays are now free.

For more details about how to choose or change your plan, see the Frequently Asked Questions in our Help center.

There’s something for everyone, so let’s keep putting more goodness into the photoverse, friends!

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Ready to sign up? Click here.

  • vamp1967

    I love this! Now I can edit freely! Thank you! You guys ROCK!

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      So happy we got something that’ll work for you!

  • http://none patti stark

    do your effects include something where i can turn my photos into watercolors?

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Patty. We don’t have anything that’ll give you that exact look, no. We will have a Hand Tint effect you might like, in our Sweethearts theme.

  • http://catswire.com Cat

    Now we’re talking! Thank you!!

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey


  • Martina

    @ patti stark try posterize

    @ The Monkey this will make life soo much easier for everyone! Thankyou so much for this and I hope the Valentine theme comes soon! 😉


    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      So glad it works for you, Martina! Stay tuned for valentine’s day stuff; we should be done verrrry soon now.

  • http://etsy.com/shop/SomethingToRemindMe Debbie

    Yay PicMonkey, that’s wonderful news, thank you!

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      So glad to have you in Monkeyland, Debbie.

  • http://www.photosbymebyjessicamarie.com Jessica Marie

    Can’t wait for the Valentine’s Day stuff!!!

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Comin’ soon, Jessica! Look next week-ish.

  • Bonnie DeMoss

    I am paying $4.99 a month now! How can I change it & pay for the year?? Also do you have a history where you save my pictures before & after I edit them and can I upload more then one picture at a time & re edit my pictures if I want to??

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Bonnie! You can switch on your Accounts page. (Hover over your name in the upper corner, until “accounts” link shows up.) We don’t have the “history” feature yet, or the batch loading, but they’re on our list. Thanks for checking in.

      • jasondenys

        I second Bonnie’s call for a history a la Picnik had

        • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

          Thanks for letting us know. That is definitely on our list of stuff we are looking at for future improvements.

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  • A

    Can I switch to this even though I signed up for the $4.99 a month?

  • Kat

    YAY PicMonkey, thank you and thanks for listening =)))

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Glad to see you here, Kat. Stay groovy!


    est ce qu’il est possible de payer en euros?

    • http://www.taralinda.com tara linda

      Oh Yay!!! You did it! So happy for the additional pay option & savings. LOVE your work- thank you for regrouping & giving again- t

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      You can use PayPal or a major credit card.

  • http://livingandexploringthworld.wordpress.com/ Helena

    Why don’t you put shadow behind the text? I think it is a good thing for picmonkey and also you cold add border around the text like Photoshop :)

  • http://gravatar.com/phildavidalexandermorris phildavidalexandermorris

    Saw a charge for monthly on my credit card, even though I switched, need to know if the yearly plan took effect?

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Phil. After you’ve signed in, hover over your name and click on “account.” You can see and change everything there. Thanks.

  • Beth Nelson

    i authorized payment two different times this evening for the $4.99 monthly fee via PayPal and still cannot access the ROYALE….