PicMonkey Royale Yearly Plan Hits the Streets

PicMonkey Royale Yearly Plan Hits the Streets

We’ve been tweaking PicMonkey Royale, and today we’re rolling out our new yearly plan. It’s $33 a year, which works out to be $2.75 a month. Pretty sweet.

“It’s a great price point—45% off,” says marketing maestro Lisa Conquergood, “and we wanted to provide another option so folks can choose what works for them.”  We’re also super jazzed that 60% of our effects are free for the taking, and a few Royale effects like Tranquil and Add Your Own Textures and Overlays are now free.

But let’s go back to that $2.75 a month. That’s 9 cents a day. That’s approximately 90% of a single Starbucks latte, if you get a Tall and don’t go crazy with the soy milk. And while even the most delicious coffee beverage is lost into the cavern of your belly in minutes, a photo edited with PicMonkey Royale can bring you joy and happiness for a whole lot longer. Theoretically? Forever. At the very least? Until the technological apocalypse. We don’t want to sound conceited, but it’s a pretty open-and-shut win for PicMonkey on this one.

For more details about how to choose or change your plan, see the Frequently Asked Questions in our Help center.

There’s something for everyone, so let’s keep putting more goodness into the photoverse, friends!

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