Share the Num-Nums: Make a Recipe Card!

image of the finished recipe card_pecan pie

’Tis the season for cooking, baking, and fattening up your friends with delicious food gifts! And it’s a bit cruel to give someone a scrumptious thing without a recipe card that shows how you made it, right? Well, we’re going to show you how to make a gor-gee-ous recipe card suitable for a blog post, a beautiful addition to your gift, or the first product in your recipe publishing empire!

Start from a blank canvas

screen shot showing Design button and selecting a sizeBlank canvas! Yay! It’s the cornerstone of the Design feature in our photo editor. that you asked for and we made for you because we love you. It’s perfect for this project because it lets you kick off your project with a plain background instead of a full-screen photo as your base. Hover over the “Design” button on the home page and a menu will appear that lets you select one of six size options. For this project, we’ll be using 5 x 7.

Choose canvas color and rotate

image showing Canvas Color and Rotate palettes

After selecting the size, you’re taken to the Basic Edits tab to pick a color for your canvas. We are using a white canvas, which is the default setting, so no change there. Click and drag the Rotate tool to make the canvas horizontal.

Add a photo as an overlay

image of Your Own button and circular resize handles

Next, click the Overlays tab (the butterfly icon) and click “Your Own” to add a photo as an overlay. For the pecan pie recipe you see here, we have a photo that was already edited and cropped, so it’s ready to roll. Position the photo and use the circular handles on the overlay to resize it if necessary.

Add text

image of Add Text button and Text palette

Click the Text tab and select the “Great Vibes” font. Click the “Add Text” button at the top of the text menu and type the title of your recipe into the text box that appears on your canvas. Highlight the text you just typed, and choose dark brown from the color picker in the Text palette. You can change the text size by using the “Size” slider in the Text palette or by moving the circular handles on the corners of the text box. After you have the color and size set for your text, move the text box into place on the canvas.

Make a second text block for the ingredient quantities. Select “Arial” for the font. Type in the quantities for the ingredients and adjust the size. You can use the color picker to match the brown in your title.

Duplicate text boxes to speed up remaining text creation

image showing Duplicate text function

Two more text blocks to go: the ingredients, and the directions. You can repeat the steps mentioned above, or try a nifty shortcut. Since the next two text blocks have the same font, size and color, simply duplicate the one you just finished by right-clicking on it and selecting “Duplicate text” from the menu. You now have a duplicate text box with the exact styles you want. Just select and delete the old text in the box and enter the new ingredients text. Drag the text box to where you want it on the page. Do the same for the last text box. Magic! Now for the finishing design touches…

Add Flourish overlays

image showing color picker in Overlay palette

Click the Overlays tab and scroll down to Flourishes. Click it and select a Flourish overlay. Click and drag the circular handles on the corners of the overlay to resize it. In the Overlay palette, select a color for your overlay. Place the overlay between the title and the ingredients.

image showing right-click to duplicate overlays

Guess what? Since we are using the exact same Flourish again, in between the ingredients and the directions, you can just right click on it and select “Duplicate overlay” from the menu. Voilà! Line it up with the first one, so it’s horizontally aligned, and then hold down the shift key while you drag it down to its place. Holding down the shift key will keep it fixed either horizontally or vertically, depending on which direction you are dragging it.

Add a Label overlay

image showing eye dropper function with color picker

Now let’s add a label overlay for a little graphic holla that says what you like about this recipe. In the Scrapbooky overlays group, click “Labels.” Select a label and position it on the page. Drag the circular handles to resize the overlay and use the eyedropper from the Overlay palette to match the color used for the Flourish line.

Click the Text tab, and add “Holiday goodness” over your label overlay.

Add an Ornament overlay

image showing two-color overlay choices in the Overlay palette

Now to give this recipe just a smidge of holiday flare, go to the Themes tab (the snowflake icon) and select SantaLand. There are loads of new holiday overlays in this theme. Grab one from the Ornaments group. Click and drag the circular handles on the corners of the overlay to resize it. In the Overlays palette, you can see if it is a one- or two-color overlay. If it is a two-color overlay, you can select different colors, make them both the same, or make a color transparent. Oh, the options!

Presto; you’re done. Now you can take a minute to taste that pecan pie! No one will notice the missing piece if you place the recipe card carefully over the empty space, right?

Want to see some of our favorite holiday recipes? Check em out here.

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  • Shelby

    Thank you so much! I LOVE picmonkey and use it regularly. I’ve paid for the upgrade and it’s worth it and affordable. It’s so great to have regular new additions and ideas like the blog to keep it fresh. Other places have made things so cluttered and overwhelming and then they actually don’t have functioning features. You listen, and you GET what we need. I LOVE this canvas idea so much as I was just yesterday working on something and wished I had more of a surface than just the photo. Opens up all sorts of new possibilities. Your site is intuitive and visually appealing. Keep up the tutorials and new fun! Thanks!

  • Donna Amis Davis

    Wow! Thank you. Picmonkey is an amazing tool. Love this tutorial. Hmm, now which recipe to feature???

  • Tracy

    Amazing and oh so timely! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • EponaSpirit

    I love you, the best thing to happen since sliced bread! Thank you <3

  • Sarah

    Love the tutorial!

  • Kaille

    I love this! I feel silly asking this, as the answer is probably obvious, but is there a way to edit text once the file is saved? I noticed a typo on my recipe card after I saved it and I can’t figure out how to get back into that text box to fix it without starting over again. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Kaille! If you have the project still loaded in the Editor, you can edit your text. If not, you can place a rectangular overlay (match the exact color using the color picker) over the text block you need to fix, and then drop the replacement text on top, matching the font and font size exactly.

  • abbey7224

    Reblogged this on Catching Sunbeams and commented:
    Great idea!

  • MJeanB

    I’m such a fan of this amazing tool. Picmonkey certainly does make photo editing fun again. Love Love Love it! Two things however:
    One: When working with multiple layers, I have SUCH a hard time selecting which layer I want to edit. Say I have text over an arrow overlay. I try to select the text, but it selects the arrow. Or vice versa. Grrr. It’s just random luck when it selects which layer I want to work with. I thought maybe holding down shift or control might solve this? it doesn’t.
    Two: Can I bend text to follow a path? For instance, your super cool banners, well some are curved. And text only goes straight. So I only ever used the straight banners. Is bending an option?

    • PicMonkey

      Sorry, we don’t have bending text. You could place the letters one at a time; I know that’s time-consuming. I have two tips to try, for selecting something you can’t get ahold of: 1. if it’s text, try de-selecting everything and then you should be able to get at the text 2. right click on the arrow and click “send to the back.” That should kinda anchor it down so you can get at stuff that’s in front of it.

      • MJeanB

        i’ve tried. still hard. but thanks though! overall, pic monkey is fabulous and makes the basics easy. will always look forward to new improvements–love the new transparency option btw.

    • Julie Forman

      I have the same problem with selecting one layer, but I can help with your curved banner/straight text problem! I wrote a post for my company recently about how to curve text. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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  • Jr

    I love this program but does anyone know if there is a marquee tool in PicMonkey for selecting more than one object/layer at a time (or a keyboard shortcut)? I run into this problem a lot when I’m working with multiple layers and I want to simply move more than one layer at the same time. It frustrating to have to individually move each layer that is over lapped and supposed to be grouped together.

    • PicMonkey

      Sorry; you can’t multi-select in PicMonkey at this time.

  • Rochelle david


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